#1. Lord of the Flies

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Experience #1

Lord of the Flies. Image. Everyman & Playhouse.

Lord of the Flies, Play.

Location??? Somewhere in Koreatown, Los Angeles.

I, the future, envision a pile of sand... Site. Site specific theater, an abandoned warehouse of sorts. Bars of steel come up from the ground to light and create atmosphere. Water, there is water where the characters play.
The world feels real... it is real.

We're looking for a team to make it happen.

internship program

Starting your career in the theater industry?
Work on our production of Lord of the Flies. Gain hands-on-experience working with an emerging theater collective.

Applications Close March 25th.

Public Relations

You will maintain FOI's (Fear Our Invasion's) external relationships. This includes but is not limited to negotiating with sponsors and donors, speaking with journalists, and creating press/media kits for the collective. 

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Graphics / Social Media

To convey FOI's (Fear Our Invasion's) edgy, mysterious, and assertive qualities, we are looking for people who are not only creatively ambitious but can also follow a brand guide. You will be responsible for creating regularly scheduled posts on our social media. This includes original graphic design work and copy and public engagement work.

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Costume Designer / Fabricator

A great design is no use without great execution. You are responsible for creating inventive, out-of-the-box designs that not only please aesthetics but also factor in environment, history, and story. You will also execute your designs, making them come to life. 

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Environments Designer

FOI's (Fear Our Invasion's) definition of the title: Set Designer. However, we believe in designing worlds, not just sets. We're looking for people who take a holistic approach to design: how does the world smell, feel, and taste? You will be responsible for creating environment designs and thinking of ways to execute them. 

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Lighting Designer

Show, not tell, they say—the answer: lighting. We don't like the cliche. Blue is not always sad, and green is not always evil. We want people who are experienced with design and programming. 

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Audioscape Designer

It's pretty much a sound designer, but it's more than that. We want people who value authenticity. Are the bird sounds just any bird sounds? No, that's the Hadeda Ibis from South Africa, it's the species that live in this environment. That's the kind of detail we are looking for. 

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Producer / Environments Scout

Or… the big dog, they might say. You'll be working closely with the Creative Director to figure out logistics. Where is this production going to be held? Do we need insurance? What are the contracts looking like? NDA? These are the questions the producer must answer. And if they don't know…, they have the mindset to go and figure it out. 

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