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—Creative Direction, Producer, Writer, Graphic Design
Image courtesy of Xavier Chavez.

Howl Fest


Director / Producer / Writer / Graphic Design

Served as director, producer, and writer for North Hollywood High School's experimental work known as "Husky Howl Fest," NHHS' first haunted house and live music festival. Oversaw all aspects of the work, including storyline, set design, logistical paperwork, blocking, rehearsals, costuming, lighting, and sound. Serving over 300 guests in person—and thousands of impressions online.

Additional Responsibilities

Utilizing Adobe Creative Cloud tools, created promotional posters and multimedia for inside and outside the event. Responsible for managing the club's Instagram account and consistent posting of crucial information in a clear and concise manner.


Agriculture Area @ North Hollywood High School


(Image above courtesy of Xavier Chavez.)

Design Challenge

"Several design challenges arose after the demolition of North Hollywood High School’s Auditorium. For one, the lack of a proscenium theater space posed challenges for hosting typical theatrical works. The future of NHHS Drama Club would rely heavily on an increased level of resourcefulness and a fondness for experimental works. One of those experimental works would soon be known as Husky Howl Fest." - Ghino Lee


During the design process, I was very inspired by the future. What would our world look like 100 years from now? We see all these news broadcastings of how our impact as humans on the planet is leading to detrimental and irreversible effects; I wanted to lean into that. I also wanted this project to make a statement, something that the local Los Angeles audience could resonate with. I did a lot of research on how our climate would change if all these predictions came true, but I also tapped into my imagination for what I envisioned a worst-case scenario to look and feel like. Storywise, I came up with "Angelenos:" Los Angeles, the year 2099, survival seems bleak as climate catastrophe strikes and wreaks havoc on the area's food supply, impacting the lives of many. Amongst this struggle, the world's top 0.1% band together to share resources and invest in research to someday create an infinite supply of food, forming Dark Harvest Labs. Jacob Dark, one of the original founders of Dark Harvest Labs, makes a remarkable accidental discovery, a symbiote which he soon calls Dark Elixir. He finds out that once Dark Elixir enters his bloodstream, any others infected after are tapped into a hive mind that Jacob can control. Professor Dark realizes that he can coerce civilians to infect themselves with the Dark Elixir, and Dark Harvest Labs can obtain an infinite supply of FRESH LIVING FOOD.

Rough Storyboard. Ghino Lee. 2023.
Metro Subway Scene Scaled Drawing. Ghino Lee. 2023.

A Key Element. Los Angeles.

As the storyline took place in Los Angeles, I wanted to play around with highly recognizable landmarks. As an avid Metro user, I felt very inspired by the Metro subway, an element of Los Angeles deeply integrated into the city's design. I intentionally chose the subway as a primary inspiration because of its accessibility to the public, which I thought would contribute to the overall message I attempted to deliver to our audiences. Ultimately, due to time limitations and last-minute setbacks, our team decided to cut the subway section, among other elements, to drastically shorten the maze to what it looks like now.

Proposed Event Layout. Ghino Lee. 2023


Husky Howl Fest Full Walk Through Video. Ghino Lee. 2023.


All images courtesy of Xavier Chavez unless otherwise noted.


"Husky Howl Fest"

"It’s more than just a jumpscare... that’s my favorite part of my job."
- Kelsey Brinkle of "The Arcade"

"Husky Howl Fest!"

"Meet Ghino Lee, one of the creators of the event. Let’s support our local North Hollywood High School Drama Club and future creators!"
- Lisa Bianconi of "NoHo Arts District"

It is emphasized that this project was a collaborative effort. Deepest gratitude is extended to those who have been foundational to this production.

Team Leads:
Jamie Pugsley
Ari Reynoso
Sage Heet

The amazing team of cast, crew, students, and staff. Thank you.

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