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—Creative Direction, Publicity, Graphic Design

Little Shop of Horrors

"From the beginning, I wanted a musical that would read well with our audience—something that resonated with me and taught a lesson but also could easily be digestible and visually stunning." - Ghino Lee



Served as director for North Hollywood High School's production of "Little Shop of Horrors," overseeing all aspects of the show, including blocking and vocal rehearsals, casting, funding, publicity, graphic design, set design, lighting, sound, and technical execution. Serving over 900 guests in person—and thousands of impressions online.

Additional Responsibilities

Utilizing Adobe Creative Cloud tools, created promotional posters and multimedia. Responsible for managing the club's Instagram account and consistent posting of crucial information in a clear and concise manner.


Theater @ North Hollywood High School


Seymour pointing a gun at Orin

Opening Night Dentist Appointment Scene (Picture Courtesy of Xavier Chavez)

A woman with a yellow blazer and brown skirt holding a bundle of flowers

Picture Courtesy of Xavier Chavez

A woman with a black eye, wearing a black dress, sings

Audrey (Picture Courtesy of Xavier Chavez)

A man and a venus fly-trap looking monster both look to the left, ready to kill

"Feed Me (Git It)" Scene (Picture Courtesy of Xavier Chavez)

A theater stage with a giant grey tarp tented in the middle

Set Build / Backdrop Painting

Two people pouring paint into a roller pan; they have several buckets of paint surrounding them

Set Painting

A building exterior painted in textured stucco with rolls of assorted bright fabric adjacent

Set Texture Reference - Downtown LA

A man with a concerned look gets bitten by a venus fly-trap looking monster he is holding

Seymour (Picture Courtesy of Xavier Chavez)

Various black and white sketches of wooden frames on a stage

Rough Draft of Set Design

A man dressed in formal wear holding a microphone

Ghino Lee (Picture Courtesy of Xavier Chavez)

A man and a woman in color holding a potted plant with several other people behind them in black and white

Official Promotional Poster (Designed by Ghino Lee)

Five people dressed in various pastel shades surround another person dressed in a white dress shirt

Sisters + Orin Scrivello (Picture Courtesy of Xavier Chavez)


Little Shop of Horrors (Highlights Video) - Filmed by: Sage Chen, Serenity Nunez, Tale Chen, and Joham Lemus.


"Little Shop of Horrors by NHHS Theater"

"Directed by Junior NHHS student Ghino Lee, Little Shop of Horrors will be the next big hit at NHHS..."
- Ana Rico of "The Arcade"

"Little Shop of Horrors by Our NHHS Theater"

"everyone in the end... comes together and makes everything work perfectly."
- Ana Rico of "The Arcade"


It is emphasized that this project was a collaborative effort. Deepest gratitude is extended to those who have been foundational to this production.

Director / Publicity - Ghino Lee
Producer / Costumes - Sara Buccolo
Vocal Direction - Laila Smith France
Choreography - Andrew Flores
Stage Manager - Dorcas De Leon-Chavarria

Stage Crew
Camila Galvez, Alexandra Castano, Seb Gopar, Tiffany Rios, Iliana Rodriguez, Talli Choksuv, Rubi Velasquez
Lighting - Alex Martinez-Nunez, Melany Luna
Sound - Angel Ruiz

Art Department
Mariam Tutuyan, Faith Fox, Ani Asatryan, Brie Almeida, Janaki Gera, Ashton Han-Dressor, Erick Gomez.
Hair/Makeup - Sage Heet

Special Thanks
Sonia Silvestre-Henao
Mr. Harris and his 2nd period
Mr. Chavez, Ms. Badgen, and the Administration
Mr. Raygoza and his team
Ms. Jordan and her photography students
Ms. Chavez
Mr. Texiera and his Graphic Design students
Ms. Hyun
Jenny Yu from AMDA
Marie and Dave Buccolo
Ms. Benitez
Ms. Gharabegi
Friends of the HGM
Alena Jin
Lisa G, Hong Tang, Caisha Hinnen, Tangie Ambrose

Seymour Krelborn - Attila Dobrovics
Audrey Fulquard - Sabriyah Chávez
Audrey 2 (voice) / Wino #1 - Rock Edwards
Mr. Mushnik - Jerry Yang
Dr. Orin Scrivello -Sean Lee
Crystal - Chidera Alozie
Ronnette - Jamie Pugsley
Chiffon - Alessia Manzioni
Scarlet - Nurniso Olimjonova
Pearl - Coral Benitez
Mrs. Bernstein - Brenna Reilly
Mrs. Luce / Customer - Charlotte Christman
Skip Snip / Hot Dog Man - Al Fishbein
Wino #2 / Interviewer / Patrick Martin - Danny Barrios
Audrey 2 (Lead Puppeteer) - Ellison Hinnen
Audrey 2 (Assistant Puppeteer) - Sarai Perla

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